Women’s Fashion Sneakers

Most people have heard the popular quote ” Clothes Make The Man” and to counter that quote here is another one “Shoes Make The Woman”. Women have very busy days that involve many activities and occasions and there are shoes for just those occasions. This range of shoe starts from the classic tennis shoe to the pointed toe sling back.

Sneakers and Hook & Loop closures give intensity and longevity

Classic sneakers for women have been around since the invention of rubber and have evolved greatly since then. Sneakers consist of a rubber sole with shoe strings that lace up the front to tie. These shoes serve best in an environment created for exercise or physical fitness. Hook and Loop closure shoes have rubber soles but have a piece of fabric come across the front of the shoe, loop through a hole and come back across and hook the shoe closed by Velcro. These shoes are suited in a more casual setting of walking or daily activities.

Lace ups and Mary Janes add a little elegance to the day

Lace-ups are thick shoes that look like boots but have an elevated heel and a lace up front. These shoes are suited for day events that require a less casual look. The heels on lace ups can vary and so can the lace up styling of the front. Mary janes are flats with a sturdy rubber base, the top of the shoe is open and is connected by a strap that comes over the opening and clips to a button on the other side of the shoe. Mary janes are women work appropriate shoes and can also be used in day functions of any kinds. These shoes are worn well with long skirts and dresses.

Mules and Sling Backs Put A Woman’s Best Foot Forward

Mules are flats that have no cover for the heel and accents on the front part of the shoe toward the toe. Depending on the event or occasion, mules can purchased with no heel or with a very high heel. The front part of the mule can be designed to have chain links across it or sewn in embroidered design. Sling backs are like mules except they have one elastic band that goes around the heel to give better shoe support. The heels on these shoes can also vary from low to very high.

Slip on shoes and Wedges allow women to be comfortable and fashionable

Slip on shoes vary the most when it comes to design and destination. Slip on shoes are manufactured so nothing is needed to keep the shoe on the women’s foot. There are slip ons that have no heel and there are some that have heel and toe to support the foot. The designs can be made to fit a casual, formal or athletic events.

Wedges were first brought out in the 70s and were inspired from the shoes the Geishas wear. They are sandals that are on a solid block like heel that extends from the heel to the toe. The top of the wedge can be designed like a high heel or have fabric that wraps around a woman’s ankle resembling gladiator shoes.

These shoes not only fit a woman’s occasion but they also are made to fit a woman’s personality. All the women’s shoes mentioned above have a basic design but the architecture of the shoe is open to so many interpretations when it comes to the style. Shoes are women’s short silent introductions to passers by and judging by the millions of shoes in the world, women have a lot to say.

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